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No more jumping in the water or dragging a large treble hook across the bottom to snag your rod: Save time and stay safe by using the Savur Outdoor Rod Float to safely rescue your overboard fishing rod. Designed to retro-fit to any brand, the Savur Outdoor Rod Float has a size and shape like traditional rod handle. That means the weight and sensitivity of your fishing rod does not change – and neither will the look!  This Savur Rod Float is a black plastic body to match your EVA foam or cork handled fishing rod, and your choice of float color. 


In fact, you’ll forget it’s there until your rod goes overboard!  After being submerged in shallow water for a long period of time, the Savur Outdoor Rod Float will deploy making it easy to find. Or, if it sinks, then the rod float will deploy almost instantly so you can grab it up.  It’s a fail-safe solution that blends right in. 

Check out what happens if your fishing rod goes overboard with a Savur Outdoor Rod Float:

  • At approximately four feet*, a salt bobbin deploys immediately. (Until it’s needed, the salt bobbin is protected by our patented plug – a first line of defense that protects it from moisture and humidity.)

  • Once deployed, the force clears a path for a float spooled with 60 feet of 20-pound Reaction Tackle braid.  

  • The float then reaches the surface and a relieved fisherman pulls up the rod and reel.  (Pro tip: If a fish is the culprit of your rod going overboard, locate the float and begin gradually taking in the line.  Get to your rod and reel as efficiently as possible and fight the fish normally.)

  • After you and your gear are safely back home, reload your Savur Rod Float.  Click here to see how to video to reload your Savur Outdoors Products.  

*It will take additional time in shallow water for the float to deploy.  Give it some time – your float will pop up!

Savur Split Grip Rod Floats

Float Color
Not out of stock, just on vacation 7/14-1/20. Orders will ship Monday 7/22/24
  • Savur Split Grip Rod Floats replace the cork or EVA handle of any brand of fishing rod.  This style is designed to fit split grip fishing rods.  Our installation instructions can be found on the how-to page.  Epoxy to affix them onto your fishing rod is included in the package.

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