Sponsored Anglers

Mike Mckinstry

Mike is a huge asset to our team.  He is a very competitive kayak angler and does some of the highest quality video anywhere through his youtube channel BassQuatchHunterTv.  He is also valuable pro staff to companies like YakGear, RAILBLAZA, Burn Custom Baits, Feel Free Kayaks, and FX Custom Rods. 

Richy Laughery

Richy has been with us from the beginning.  He is an avid kayak angler on the lakes of SW Missouri and has landed stripers as big as 36lbs from his kayak.  He is also a pro staff for companies like Ozarks Extreme Outdoors, KGB Swimbaits,  jakked Baits, and Fringe Tackle Co.  Richy is also a wealth of knowledge in the art of throwing and catching fish on big swimbaits. 

Jeff Jones

Born and raised in the salty marshes and bayous of south Mississippi, Jeff still continues chasing redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. His passion for videography almost outweighs that of fishing! You can see some of his self filmed fishing adventures on his YouTube channel CFCR Fishing.


Vince Andrus

Avid skinny water /river Kayak Angler from Nashville TN. Team Member of Osprey Rods, 412BaitCo, and Caney Fork Outdoors. Co Owner and Tournament Director of Tennessee Skinny Water Kayak Anglers. When not Custom Painting at 1220 Exhibits ,he is designing , making, and custom painting  swim baits and wake baits for his new release of #Dēvēant Lures.

Matt Charette

Matt Charette, Maine.  This guy brings so much knowledge and expertise to kayak fishing.  As a Vibe Kayak team member, you will regularly see him commenting on how to do upgrades or just answering questions about them.  He started promoting Savur long before we added him to our Pro staff 

Robert Brown

Fishing has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember growing up on the lakes and rivers of Central Florida with my family. I fish mainly in North Alabama, Southern Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle. I am currently the kayak fishing ambassador for Leaf in Creek Outdoors, and pro staff member for Skoll clothing. In addition I also own Osprey Rods, a small custom fishing rod business.

Justin Hausner

Justin Hausner is the owner of Fuzzy Guppies, a kayak fishing outfitter store in Geneva NY.  He also runs the NYKBF and has become a huge fan of our Savur Outdoors Retrieval Systems for a long time.  

Jason Hopper

Jason Hopper Joins the Savur Outdoor pro staff as a well decorated tournament kayak angler.  Jason reps many other companies like Johnson Outdoors and Columbia Sports Wear, just to name a couple.  Jason's passion of teaching anglers of all ages about the sport is what drove us to him to represent Savur Outdoors. 

Jonathan Morse

Jonathan Morse runs the Air Capital Kayak Anglers club in Wichita, KS.  He absolutely loves promoting products he believes in and you won't catch him on the water without his  Savur Fishing Rods or any of his other  Savur Outdoor Products.  Jonathan's wife keeps him busy working full time and raising his three kids and still finds time to fish a few days a week. 

Chad Newman

I have been addicted to fishing since I was a little kid. From bluegills in a farm pond to numerous saltwater species on the North Carolina coast, it didn’t matter as long as I was catching something. As I hit my teen years I became obsessed with largemouth bass. I began tournament fishing in the late 90’s and I transitioned to kayak fishing in 2012 as a way to get back to my roots so to speak. I

John Petro

John Petro is from Romulus NY and fishes the NYKBF, where he is the tournament director for that series.  He started fishing out of a john boat with his dad for pan fish, as a kid, until he caught his first bass.  Needless to say from that point on he was hooked on bass fishing.  He also has a kayak bass fishing youtube page.  He will be graduating soon from the New York Chiropractic College. 

Jay Randall

I have been fishing for many years and love to catch anything that will bite. I live in the Midwest (a suburb of Chicago, IL.).  You can find me either on a river or a lake whether it be on a kayak or from shore. My favorite species to target are largemouth and smallmouth bass as well as Northern Pike, but I always jump at the chance to catch a new species on my bucket list.

Robert Reid

Growing up in Savannah Georgia, I learned to love fishing from my Dad and Grandfathers.   I got bit by the kayak fishing bug about 8 years ago.  I was lucky enough to be picked for the Vibe Kayaks Pro Staff in 2018.  In 2019 I am happy to add McCain Fishing Rods and Savur Outdoors to the companies that I represent.

Jonah Zaimes

Jonah Zaimes was born and raised in Iowa.  He is an avid large mouth and small mouth bass fisherman, but is new to the tournament kayak fishing.

Finding time to fish is one of his top priorities second to attending Luther College in Decorah Iowa, where he majors in marketing and is also a place kicker on the Luther 


I'm retired law enforcement, Federal Bureau of Prison.  I started Kayak Bass Fishing this year and loved it, I've fished my whole life but was just a pond hopper now I'm a tournament angler, I've qualified for the 2020 KBF Challenger series championship and the 2021 National Championship.  From October to January you'll find me sitting in a tree with a bow deer hunting, I'm an avid archery deer hunter in my down time I'm usually spending time with family and friends.

Want to join our team?

We are looking for men, women, and kids who are excited about Savur Outdoors, experiencing the great outdoors, and want to be part of Savur Outdoors.


Savur Outdoors is a new concept in the fishing world and we want our field staff/pro staff to be able to answer questions about the benefits of Savur Outdoors products.  It's not just another bait or piece of tackle that gets you instant success or failure with just a couple uses.  We want you to use it for a while, see how it fits into your setup, and make sure that you love Savur Outdoors products before you commit to putting us on your tournament jersey.  We know that once it saves your rod, camera, or bow and you see how it fits seamlessly, you won’t go out on the water without it. 


Consider it our trial period for you.   

As being part of our field staff, we are looking for relevant social media content that is promoting Savur Outdoors.  Content that is geared towards our clientele with appropriate posts (no cursing, sexual content, offensive subjects, etc.), and proof of outdoor activity is naturally a prerequisite for becoming part of the Savur Field Staff Team.  Savur Outdoors requires team members to be:  accountable, energetic, involved, morally sound and well spoken.  


We hold our Field and Pro Staff Teams to the highest standards; thus, we will be looking into all social media outlets that applicants have for further validation.  This is your trial period for us. 


We want to see that you are projecting our brand of Savur Outdoors products in the best possible way.  As you can see by scrolling down, we don't just hand out Savur Pro Staff positions.  All these anglers have been our customers long before we considered them to be on our pro staff team.  So, if you are just looking to fill a spot on your jersey please look elsewhere.  


In exchange, our Field Staff are rewarded with a 20% discount on Savur Outdoors products.  This includes:  Savur Retro Fits, Savur Camera Retrievers, and our Savur Fishing Bow Retrievers.  Savur Fishing Rods will be discounted as part of the program but, you must contact us to order as they all have different pricing structures.  You will also be given a referral coupon code, specific to you, that you can distribute to potential customers.  Commissions will be paid to you (annually) for every customer that uses your specific coupon code.  


  • Required to own a Savur Outdoors product such as:  Savur Fishing Rod, retro fit, camera retriever, or fishing bow retriever.  Not just a hat!

  • Provide consistent and quality content including, but not limited to, photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts, forum conversations, etc.  All content provided may be used by Savur Outdoors at our own discretion.

  • Sharing and distribution of referral coupon code (additional information below).


  • Savur Pro staff/Field Staff discount codes may not be shared with friends, family or other individuals.  

  • Reselling merchandise is strictly prohibited.  

  • Sharing Savur Pro Staff/Field Staff discount codes on will result in immediate termination from the Field Staff or Pro Staff Teams.

  • Savur Outdoors reserves the rights to terminate contracts at any given time.