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Combine a Savur Reload kit and an EVA float and give your Savur a tune up.  You will recieve the float color of your choice with black and white discs, and a savur reload kit. Review these steps to change out your eva foam and the reload video is in the photos.  


(NOTE) For the red, green and orange floats there are plain colored floats and there are also laser engraved floats. The laser engraved floats are signified with an LE in front of the float color.


  • pop the black plug out and the white disc using a small flat head screw driver.
  • Using a Phillips head screw driver, unscrew the center screw about half way so that you can hold onto the spool of line with your index finger and thumb.
  • Using a utility knife make one slice, and then peel the old eva off without turning or rotating the spool.
  • Clean up any residual eva from the old float.
  • Put a few dabs of super glue around the post where the eva attaches to.
  • Quickly push the new eva float down all the way to the collar.
  • Hold the float in place for about 30 seconds
  • Finally using your Phillips head screw the whole float assembly back down until the float seats on the top of the Savur body. (After your float is seated blow through your Savur to be sure that there is air movement through the device. You may have to slightly loosen the Phillips head screw to get air to flow through the system.)
  • Insert the new white disc Smooth side up
  • Insert the black disc.


Savur Reload Kit EVA float change combo

Float Color

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