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As you can see in the video, the Savur Rod Float does not deploy the instant that they touch the water.  You have probably heard stories about auto inflatables inadvertently deploying that use the same salt trigger that we use in Savur Floats.  Because the pfd compnies are saving lives, they MUST err on the side of caution and deploy as soon as their pfd hits water.   We are not!  We are trying to save as much trash as we can from ending up at the bottoms of our lakes, and save you some money.  So, we have the luxury of suppressing the onset of water so that your Savur Floats stay armed and ready in any weather condition.  And ready to Savur stuff when they are truly need!


Our patented water suppression system (the white disc) restricts water from getting to the salt bobbin until atmospheric pressure begins to increase.


How do I increase atmospheric pressure? 


The next time you jump in the pool and feel pressure on your ears, this is the same pressure that is going to force water through the white disc, which is porous, to dissolve the salt bobbin.  This innovation also makes Savur Floats highly resistant to rain, humidity or a quick dip of the rod butt to land a fish.  The rate at which the water is allowed to flow in is totally adjustable by you, and can be tuned to your liking. 

Learn how to tune your Savur Rod Floats here.

Learn how to tune your Savur Bowfishing Floats here.

Once all of that has happened, the deployment and function of a Savur Float is simple and straight forward.  With the salt bobbin dissolved, 30 pounds of potential spring energy blasts the float off the end.  The float is buoyant, and is assembled as a spool filled with 60 feet of 20 pound braided fishing line.  At one end of the fishing line is the spool that floats to the surface for you to retrieve, and the other end is tied to your lost item.  Then you simply pick up your float and pull your lost item up.  Savur Floats are then RELOADABLE!!  And you can learn how to do that here. 

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