Savur Outdoors allows you to quickly and safely recover lost fishing rods, action cameras, and fishing bows from being lost forever.  We use auto inflatable life jacket technology to deploy a float that comes to the surface. Tied to the other end is your lost item connected by 60 feet of braided fishing line.  When the float pops up, grab it! Pull up what would have been lost forever, and yes, it is reloadable. 


Our patent pending water suppression system makes Savur Outdoors highly resistant to rain and shallow dips of the device into the water.  The system requires water pressure/depth to deploy the float. At depths of 2-3 feet of water, it takes a few minutes to deploy, because the increase in water pressure is small.  As the device reaches a depth of about four feet, the increase in water pressure deploys the float immediately to rise to the surface. This allows you to fish, film, or shoot in any weather conditions that you can handle, with the peace of mind that Savur Outdoors can handle it too.  Protecting your gear, your waters from debris, and your investments the whole time.