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  Savur Outdoor products are covered by our no questions asked Lifetime Warranty.

Savur Outdoors does not warranty lost fishing rods, action cameras, fishing bows, or any other foreseeable products that it could be attached to.  


Savur Outdoors will warranty the structural components that make up our product, excluding the salt elements that we use in our products.  This includes manufacturer defects and breakage for the lifetime of the product.  


This includes:  the body, spool, foam core, ejector pin, screw, spring, foam floats, action camera attachments, and fishing bow attachments.

This does not include:  the Halkey-Roberts salt bobbin  (see the salt elements below)


The Salt Elements

 The salt elements are not part of the lifetime warranty agreement, because they are a perishable component to the product.  Savur outdoors will replace a salt elements if the salt element is cracked or defective within 10 days of being shipped to you.  If you see that there are parts of the element breaking off or seem to be cracking quickly contact us at and we will evaluate the element for any signs that the element was immersed in water. Any degradation of the ribs on the dissolvable element will void Savur Outdoors from warrantying the part. Cracked or broken salt elements will be sent to you immediately free of charge if deemed to be faulty.  



Payment Methods
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