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  • Are Savur Outdoor Products a one-time use?
    Absolutely not, this is one of the biggest benefits of the system. It is the only reload able retrieval system on the market.
  • How difficult is it to retro fit or install a Savur to my rod?
    VERY EASY! You can watch the video and see. Watch the video below to show you how to install it.
  • Will Savur Outdoor Products deploy the float if it gets rained on or if I dip the butt of my rod in the water to land a fish?
    No.Savur Outdoor products have been completely redesigned and patented. A new waterresistant system stays sealed at the surface and only deploys the float at approximately 4 feet of fresh water and about 8-10 feet of sea water. We made them water pressure dependent for the release of the float. This new system allows for a hard rain storm or inadvertent dips of the butt of the rod in the water to land a fish a non issue. However if left on a large pool of water for a long period of time it will set it off. They are water resistant not water proof.
  • Do I have to cut the cork or eva off my rod to retro fit a Savur outdoor fishing rod retrieval system?
    Yes. The reason for cutting the cork or eva off is because Savur outdoor retro fit mount to the rod blank. Mounting it to the rod blank gives the Savur the best foundation so that it acts and feels exactly like the handle. It is meant to replace the butt end of your split grip or full grip fishing rod.
  • Will cutting the cork off my rod to install a Savur Outdoor retro fit void my fishing rod warranty?
    Refer to your rod's manufacturer guide.
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