We have expanded our Savur Outdoors  retrieval systems so that they can be easily attached to anything!  Purses, backpacks, keys, tackle bags, camera bags, coolers, kayak pedal drives, gun cases and anything valuable that you do not want to lose in the water, attach a Savur Outdoors Gear Float to it!


Our Savur Outdoors Gear Floats deploy a float that rises to the surface once the device is submerged.  When the float reaches the surface you simply pull your gear up from a depth 60 feet of water or less.  The Savur Outdoors Gear Float comes with a heavy-duty key ring which can be attached to a carabiner, zip tie or any type of connecting link.


The float that rises to the surface for you to recover your item has 60 feet of 20-pound test line.  The maximum load capacity that the line and the device will pull up is 30 pounds.  Attaching it to items heavier is not discouraged because it does provide a direct link to your submerged item.  A direct link to your item will save you time and money if a diver is needed to retrieve your item, because the diver will not need to search for it. 


Just like their predecessors Savur Outdoors Gear floats are highly rain and humidity resistant, reloadable, light, and compact. 

Savur Outdoors Gear Float

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.96Sale Price
Float Color
    • Black plastic body

    • 8 different float colors to choose from

    • Retrieve your gear from 60 feet of water

    • lifting capacity 30 pounds+

    • water resistant to rain, humidity, and shallow dips in the water

    • weighs 2.2 oz.

    • outer diameter 1.42"

    • Overall Length 4.7"

    • Reloadable

  • Our Savur Rod Floats are extremely water resistant however they still have some limitations.  

    • Putting Savur Rod Floats into flush mount rod holders that pool water on kayaks can dissolve the salt bobbin, deploying the float.  The outer diameter of the retrieval device is very close to the same as the inner diameter of the rod holder.  When you put a Savur Rod float into a flush mount with water in the bottom.  The water is forced into the cavity where the salt bobbin is housed.  The solution is to use a rod holder that mounts into the flush mount and holds the rod more securely.  

    • The depth of recovery is limited to the amount of line that is put on the spool.  We spool 60 feet of 20 lb. braided Reaction Tackle fishing line on each one.  Deeper recovery depths can be obtained by stripping the spool and using a smaller pound test line.  For example, using a 10lb test line, depths of recovering rods from 100 feet of water is achievable.  Line should be spooled in the clockwise direction.  

    • Saltwater Anglers!!  There is no need to wash the salt off of the Savur Rod Floats.  Spray your fishing rods off from the reel seat forward.  Remove the plug periodically to ensure that the center screw and the spring have not begun to rust.  If so contact us and we will ensure the correct replacement parts are ordered and sent to you. 

    • Storage, Store your fishing rods and other equipment with Savur Floats in a dry place, and you will greatly extend the life of the salt bobbin.  

    • Salt bobbins used in auto-inflatable life jackets have a shelf life of 3 years.  Please adhere to those restrictions for your auto-inflatable life jackets.  

    • Salt bobbins used in Savur Floats can last for years if kept dry, and there is no need to change unless broken or partially dissolved.  

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