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Savur Gear Floats can be easily attached to anything!  Purses, backpacks, keys, tackle bags, camera bags, coolers, kayak pedal drives, gun cases and anything valuable that you do not want to lose in the water, attach a Savur Outdoors Gear Float to it!


Savur Outdoors Gear Floats deploy a float that rises to the surface once the device is submerged.  When the float reaches the surface you simply pull your gear up from a depth 60 feet of water or less.  The Savur Outdoors Gear Float comes with a heavy-duty key ring which can be attached to a carabiner, zip tie or any type of connecting link.


The float that rises to the surface for you to recover your item has 60 feet of 20-pound test braided fishing line.  The maximum load capacity that the line and the device will pull up is 25 pounds.  Attaching it to items heavier is not discouraged because it does provide a direct link to your submerged item.  A direct link to your item will save you time and money if a diver is needed to retrieve your item, because the diver will not need to search for it. 


Just like their predecessors Savur Outdoors Gear floats are highly rain and humidity resistant, reloadable, light, and compact. 

Savur Outdoors Gear Float

Float Color
    • Black plastic body

    • 11 different float colors to choose from

    • Retrieve your gear from 60 feet of water

    • lifting capacity 25 pounds+

    • water resistant to rain, humidity, and shallow dips in the water

    • weighs 2.2 oz.

    • outer diameter 1.42"

    • Overall Length 4.7"

    • Reloadable

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