The Savur Fishing Bow Retriever is an easy way to add insurance to your fishing bows.  Over the past year, we have put these things through the ringer in our R&D department.  Our tests included:  throwing bows in water with twenty pounds attached, a 5-mph water current test and deep water tests.  We also beat the heck out of it to ensure that it will withstand the deck of a bow fishing rig.  

     If your bow gets hung up on an unseen obstruction in the water, do not break the line.  It is your lifeline to your bow.  Tie the float and find a safe way to loosen the bow from the obstruction.

     Savur Bow Fishing Retrievers are designed to work similarly to an auto inflatable life jacket.  The Savur underwater camera retriever is armed and ready to rescue up to ten pounds of valuable camera gear from a depth of sixty feet.  It is water activated and, with our new patent pending plug, makes it resistant to rain, humidity, and shallow dips into the water.  After your gear goes in the water, the float is expelled by spring pressure.  Simply grab your float when it reaches the surface and, pull your gear up.  All of it!  Reload it, with a Savur Basic Reload Kit, and it is ready to go again.    

Savur Fishing Bow Retriever

Float Color
  • Savur Bow Fishing Retrievers inserts directly into the stabilizer mount of all bows.  For bows currently using the stabilizer mount for a reel seat, an offset bracket is coming soon.  This will accommodate the use of conventional style reels and, will not interfere with a line guide.  They come loaded and ready to retrieve your bow out of the box.  Weighing in at 1.9oz, you will never know it's there, but you'll be glad it is when you need it.   You simply bolt it on and go.

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