Action cameras are becoming a must have for all kinds of sports.  Watersports put your cameras in danger of being lost forever.  If filming watersport activities are your passion, this is a product you need in your arsenal!  Fishing (especially kayak anglers), hunting, boating, hiking, and camping are all places where added insurance to those pricey little cameras are needed. 

     On the water you know that anything can happen and, you never know when your camera is going to take a swim.  You can have the best mounts in the world but, accident or human error can cause you to lose your camera, valuable content or camera attachments. 

     Savur underwater camera retrievers are designed to work similarly to an auto inflatable life jacket.  The Savur underwater camera retriever is armed and ready to rescue up to ten pounds of valuable camera gear from a depth of sixty feet.  It is water activated and, with our new patent pending plug, makes it resistant to rain, humidity, and shallow dips into the water.  After your gear goes in the water, the float is expelled by spring pressure.  Simply grab your float when it reaches the surface and, pull your gear up.  All of it!  Reload it, with a Savur Basic Reload Kit, and it is ready to go again.    

     Camera floats can be used with Savur Retrieval devices. 

     And, lastly, for you kayak anglers.  You all know that you put your gear in sketchy scenarios on the water.  That’s awesome, we love that and, we have you covered!  All Savur products are designed to withstand the constant wet and humid conditions.

Savur Action Camera Retriever

$39.95 Regular Price
$35.96Sale Price

    • 60 feet of 20 pound braided fishing line
    • wight: approximately 2.04oz
    • max lifting capacity:  10 pounds
    • max outer diameter 1.45"
    • length: 4.5"
    • pre threaded with standard 1/4-20 threads
    • Lifetime warranty on all parts except salt bobbins and fishing line 
    • All warranty issues are submitted by email to  Attach pictures in email. Do not send back.

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