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Our SAVUR OUTDOORS Camera Retriever truly bridges the gap where the standard camera float falls short. Camera floats are meant to float one thing, your camera. But, when you add booms, poles, battery packs, and other accessories to your camera, it renders your little camera float useless. The SAVUR OUTDOORS camera retriever will get it all back for you. Simply unscrew one of your camera’s adjuster screws and replace it with our SAVUR OUTDOORS Camera retriever and you just added priceless insurance to your gear.

Savur Camera Floats


    • 60 feet of 20 pound braided fishing line
    • weight: approximately 2.04oz
    • max lifting capacity:  10 pounds
    • max outer diameter 1.45"
    • length: 4.5"
    • pre threaded with standard 1/4-20 threads
    • Lifetime warranty on all parts except salt bobbins and fishing line 
    • All warranty issues are submitted by email to  Attach pictures in email. Do not send back.

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