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Savur EVA Float replacements

     Whether you have completely worn your old float out, looking to change the color of your float, or just freshening up your tackle for the season.  These Savur Replacement floats will do the trick.  Savur replacement floats work on all Savur Outdoors products. 


When replacing a fishing rod float, you will receive the float color of your choice, a new white disc, which keeps your Savur weather resistant, and a new black disc to top it off.


Changing out a float color is simple just follow these steps.  You will need some super glue for the final step.


  • pop the black plug out and the white disc using a small flat head screw driver.
  • Using a Phillips head screw driver, unscrew the center screw about half way so that you can hold onto the spool of line with your index finger and thumb. 
  • Using a utility knife make one slice, and then peel the old eva off without turning or rotating the spool. 
  • Clean up any residual eva from the old float.
  • Put a few dabs of super glue around the post where the eva attaches to.
  • Quickly push the new eva float down all the way to the collar.
  • Hold the float in place for about 15 seconds
  • Finally using your Phillips head screw the whole float assembly back down until the float seats on the top of the Savur body. 
  • Tune your Savur Float
  • Insert the new white disc Smooth side up (Rod Floats Only!)
  • Insert the black disc. 

Savur EVA Float replacements

Float Color

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