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Get to Know the Savur Outdoors Pro Staff: Brandon Brylinsky

Over the next little while, we at Savur Outdoors are going to be introducing you to some of our pro staff team members so you can see who is out there representing Savur Outdoors, maybe even in your neck of the woods. We figured what better way than with a fun little interview! This time we are getting to know Brandon Brylinsky! Brandon was born in Oregon but grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He spent a lot of summers in Oregon fishing with my grandpa and extended family then would sneak onto golf courses in Arizona to chase bass and catfish. As Brandon put it, "My mom received more than a few phone calls from security at those golf courses, haha!" In addition to Savur Outdoors, Brandon represents and is supported by Alpha Angler rods, Lovebeams Headlamps, X-Zone Lures, Varivas America, Omnia Fishing!

Savur Outdoors: How long have you been fishing?

Brandon Brylinsky: Forever!

SO: What is your earliest fishing memory?

BB: Catching bluegill with a bobber and worm with my grandpa and cousins.

SO: Who's your fishing hero?

BB: Brandon Palaniuk

SO: When was the last time you fun-fished, and what did you fish for?

BB: I was just down in the Tampa, FL area and did some inshore fishing. Caught a bunch of spotted seatrout, spanish mackerel, grouper and more.

SO: What's your home body of water?

BB: Cayuga Lake

SO: What's your favorite Savur Outdoors product?

BB: Split Grip Rod Float in Camo Blue.

SO: Tell us your lost rod/bow/gear story.

BB: Haven't lost a rod yet! Thanks Savur!

SO: What song do you typically listen to on the way to the water?

BB: Lane 8 - chill electronica music, puts me in a good zen state.

SO: What do you do when you aren't fishing?

BB: I own and manage 125 acres of land outside of Ithaca, NY. I stay very busy building things, cutting fire wood, growing edible mushrooms and other veggies, and cleaning up the old farm property. I love it!

SO: Coffee or soda?

BB: Coffee! I can't live without it!

SO: What's your favorite TV show of all time?

BB: The Office

SO: What's food is your guilty pleasure?

BB: Chocolate covered pretzels

SO: What is your hidden or surprising talent?

BB: I love making tasty cocktails. I make a mean Manhattan!

If you want to find out more about Brandon or follow his adventures, be sure to give him a follow here, and support those who support him here. Check out the next blog to see who's next!


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