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Savur Outdoors is for Bank Fishermen Too!

I grew up bank fishing and I still love it even though I have a kayak to get out onto the water. I hit the bank when I only have a little while to fish or if I am not able to get the kayak out, so I spend more time fishing from the bank than I do from the boat.

When I heard about rod retrieval devices from Savur Outdoors, of course my thoughts immediately went to how they could help while kayak fishing. I never really thought about needing them while bank fishing. I knew they would be out of the way and not affect the balance or performance of the rods so I felt comfortable with purchasing them. I definitely didn’t want anything that would have to be taken off and put back on when going between fishing from the bank and from the kayak, nor did I want something that made the rod less than what it was designed to be and so I purchased some rod retrieval devices from Savur, and found that they are useful from the bank as well!

When would I need a Savur Device if I fish from the bank?

  • When I forget the drag

How many times have you set down a rod with bait on it without opening the bail or setting the drag properly only to see it shoot off into the water when a fish takes it? It’s happened to me a couple of times, one while fishing in the river for nice size catfish, and once while fishing for little bluegill and something bigger than a bluegill took my rod away.

  • When the rod holder gives

At Savur we hear all the time that this rod holder or that rod holder isn’t going anywhere, but they do. Especially on the bank when they are pushed down into soft ground. A big tug can pull that right down. A lot of times we also have our rods pretty close to the water and if the go over, they go right into the water. That can be a problem on a steep bank!

  • When fishing from a dock

A lot of public parks and lakes have docks or little fishing piers. It can be very easy to set a rod down, drop it, have it pulled in, or knock it off.

  • When fishing with kids

This is a huge one, especially on a dock, steep bank, or pier! If you’ve ever fished with smaill children, you know that they get very easily distracted, dropping or knocking off a rod and reel into the water. They also are easily caught off guard by the strong pull of a big fish. These kinds of things could spell disaster for a favorite rod or reel, or just a day of fishing.

But how does Savur Outdoors help?

“Sure the Savur will shoot a float to the surface, but how do I get to it?” Using a Savur from the bank is by no means a guarantee that you will get your rod back. How many times though, have you had a rod and reel go into the water, whether by accident or by force and spent a big chunk of your fishing day casting hoping to get your rod back? What if you knew exactly where to cast? How much time would that have saved (not to mention how many rods)? What if getting your rod back after you dropped it off of a dock was as easy as reaching down and grabbing a float? Yes there will be times that you can’t get your rod back if you are on the bank, but what if, every time you went out, you knew that if you lost your rod, you had a chance of getting it back?


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