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Get to Know the Savur Outdoors Pro Staff: Tricia Angelini

Over the next little while, we at Savur Outdoors are going to be introducing you to some of our pro staff team members so you can see who is out there representing Savur Outdoors, maybe even in your neck of the woods. We figured what better way than with a fun little interview! Next in the hot seat is Tricia Angelini! Tricia is a Marine veteran and helicopter pilot who loves her husband and loves Jesus. In addition to Savur Outdoors, Tricia is out on the water representing Dakota Lithium, Ketch Products, Native Watercraft, and Motorguide!

Savur Outdoors: How long have you been fishing?

Tricia Angelini: Since I was 6.

SO: What is your earliest fishing memory?

TA: Fishing with my dad and brother somewhere in upstate NY near a small waterfall.

SO: Who's your fishing hero?

TA: Jimmy Houston.

SO: When was the last time you fun-fished, and what did you fish for?

TA: Last week- black bass.

SO: What's your home body of water?

TA: Private is Sleepy Hollow Lake. Public is Greene Lake.

SO: What's your favorite Savur Outdoors product?

SO: Tell us your lost rod/bow/gear story.

TA: Happened last year in October on Messalonski Lake in Maine. Kayak rolled in 50ft of water. I was able to recover three of my rods because of the Savur on them!

SO: What song do you typically listen to on the way to the water?

TA: Carrollton- Made For This

SO: What do you do when you aren't fishing?

TA: Work, build rods, bike ride, hunt.

SO: Coffee or soda?

TA: Soda.

SO: What's your favorite TV show of all time?


SO: What's food is your guilty pleasure?

TA: Bourbon…. That’s a food right?

SO: What is your hidden or surprising talent?

TA: Marksmanship

You can keep up with Tricia's fishing adventures on Instagram. Be sure to give her a follow and give her and Savur Outdoors some love! Check out the next blog to see who will be next!


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