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Get to Know the Savur Outdoors Pro Staff: Travis Gill

Over the next little while, we at Savur Outdoors are going to be introducing you to some of our pro staff team members so you can see who is out there representing Savur Outdoors, maybe even in your neck of the woods. We figured what better way than with a fun little interview! And so, we are going to get started off with a bang with the one and only Mr. Travis Gill. Travis is representing Savur Outdoors on the bowfishing side of things and also represents AMS Bowfishing while he is out fishing "Legolas Style" with the Rough Fish Assassins!

Savur Outdoors: How long have you been fishing?

Travis Gill: Fishing....I haven't fished in years, but bowfishing has been a passion for the last 20+ years.

SO: What is your earliest fishing memory?

TG: Catching big pan fish with my dad on an old road bridge.

SO: What about your earliest bowfishing memory?

TG: [My] earliest bowfishing memory would have to be watching my uncle bowfish. Never saw him actually shot a carp, but it was one of those youth things, wanting to do what influential people were doing. It was several years before I finally was able to bowfish though.

SO: Who's your fishing hero?

TG: Don't really have a fishing hero, but [there are] several men in the bowfishing community I look up to.

SO: Like who?

TG: Mathew Schillinger and Fred Christen. There are a lot of other big name guys in the bowfishing world, but those two I know.

SO: When was the last time you fun-fished, and what did you fish for?

TG: A couple weeks ago, and fished for the same as always, rough fish.

SO: What's your home body of water?

TG: Green Bay

SO: What's your favorite Savur Outdoors product?

SO: Tell us your lost rod/bow/gear story.

TG: It really isn't a lost bow story, as it is the experience we had in the early days of the bowfishing float. We had the benefit of having some of the early ones. We wanted to do a video as a way of helping promote them, so we found our area, anchored the boat and set up to do it. We decided to GoPro the entire thing. Prepped, said some things and threw a bow in....several minutes later and the float still had not released, we realized that there was an issue. (Did I mention we were in 15 foot of water?) So, doing what we do, we rednecked a retrieval device out of a gaff and push pole. We got the bow back, fixed the issue and reset. Stress levels ran high as we threw the bow overboard again, not an easy task to just throw out an $800 setup. Everything went off as it was supposed to. We didn't get the video that we wanted, but we will get back out and make that video yet!

SO: What song do you typically listen to on the way to the water?

TG: Whatever is on the radio, typically rock/metal.

SO: What do you do when you aren't fishing?

TG: HVAC/R service tech, or fixing the boat

SO: Coffee or soda?

TG: Soda

SO: What's your favorite TV show of all time?

TG: The Walking Dead

SO: What's food is your guilty pleasure?

TG: Cooked

SO: What is your hidden or surprising talent?

TG: Lol...

Be sure to follow the Rough Fish Assassins on Facebook to keep up with all of their outings!


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