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Custom Rod Builders Wholesale Program


      We have been working with custom rod builders, since the inception of Savur Outdoors.  In fact we launched Savur Outdoors at the International Custom Rod Builders Expo in 2016.  Since then we have formed many relationships with independent custom rod builders that use Savur Outdoors.  We are excited to launch our new custom rod builder wholesale program.  So, if you are a custom rod builder, and can prove that you own a custom rod building small business, please continue reading. 


Savur Outdoors Custom Rod Builder Wholesale Program


      We have designed a wholesale program that will benefit you as a small business.  You will be able to purchase our patented Savur Outdoors Retro Fit recovery systems at wholesale cost.  You as a rod builder have all the tools necessary to install our retrieval devices, so you are only sent our retrieval devices ready to install.  The difference being our retail customers are sold a kit with epoxy, packaging, and printed instructions.  All things that cost us as a small business a lot of time and money to produce.  You all have the knowledge of installing a butt grip on a fishing rod.  You use your own epoxy, and there is no need for us to send you our packaging, because your customer will end up with a finished custom rod complete with a Savur Outdoors recovery system.  Naturally, since we don’t spend the time to package and add in the kit items, we can sell them to you cheaper, there is no middle man, and you buy directly from the source.  You buy directly from our website using a rod building coupon code. 


If You are interested and you are a custom rod builder.  Fill out our contact form and we will send you all the information needed to start purchasing Savur Outdoors at wholesale cost for your rod building business.

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