Savur Retro Fits are underwater retrieval systems that mount directly to any brand of fishing rod, and allows you to safely rescue it if lost overboard.  No more jumping in to try and save them!   We have designed our split grip retrieval bodies so that it replaces the split grip handle on the rod.  It blends in, and you forget it is there until that little float pops up.  The goal is to give you the same peace of mind that you get with a rod float or tether, but without disrupting the action or balance of your fishing rod.      


      All  Savur Retreival devices work like an auto inflatable life jacket. It is depth activated and, with our new patent pending plug, makes it resistant to rain, humidity, and shallow dips into the water.   After your rod goes in the water, the float is ejected thirty pounds of spring pressure.  Enough to push your rod and whatever is in the way of the float to clear its path to the surface.  When the float reaches the surface grab it and pull your fishing rod up.  Maybe even the fish that stole it too!  Then just reload it and it is ready to go again.

Valentine's Day Rescue Savur Split Grip Retro Fit

  • Our Savur split grip retro fits are designed so that you can retro fit any split  cork or EVA handled rod of any brand.  Our Savur Retro fits come with a full list of instructions so that your install goes seemlessly and, to ensure you that you will never lose the rod it is going on.

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