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Top Five Reasons Kayak Bass Anglers Should Not Use Conventional Fishing Rod Floats

One of the most asked questions on social media pages like Kayak Bass Fishing, and other kayak fishing related pages is how to secure your fishing rods on your kayak as you are fishing.

Since the beginning of the sport, this has been an ongoing issue for anglers. It happens to anglers of all experience levels because of the small platform that we fish from. Since securing them with rod floats can be cumbersome and take away from the fishing experience, and dealing with a spider web of tethers is often seen as danger to their safety on the water, many opt to just risk it.

Here's Savur Outdoors top five reasons for why kayak bass anglers should not use conventional fishing rod floats.

1.) Conventional Rod Floats foul your line

  • Foul line is not only annoying but can affect the way you fish.

2.) Conventional Rod Floats kill the sensitivity of your rod

  • Serious bass anglers know how important it is that you keep the sensitivity of your rod at its fullest strength.

3.) Conventional Rod Floats add weight in front of the reel

  • Even though the weight is minimal, the added weight and bulk disrupt balance, casting distance, and casting accuracy of your fishing rod.

4.) Conventional rod floats tend to slip and move on the rod shaft

  • This creates distraction, which leads to removal causing you to lose your rod.

5.) Conventional rod floats are CHEAP!

  • Around $7 for 3. But, when you put them on a highly sensitive rod that costs $150, and they take 60% of the sensitivity away from that rod. How much were they again? The balance and sensitivity is why you put that rod in your cart in the first place.

Why Choose Savur Outdoors Fishing Rod Float Devices?

Savur Outdoors Fishing Rod Floats on the other hand are designed so they never foul your line, allow you to retain all the sensitivity of the rod, have minimal disruption in balance, and will never move or come off during casing. They are the first and only reloadable rod recovery float system on the market. Simply put, Savur Outdoors Rod Floats give you the perfect amount of peace of mind you need, so that your gear comes home with you.

Ready to protect your gear the right way? Shop our selection of split-grip rod float devices and full-handle rod float devices.


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