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Get to Know the Savur Outdoors Pro Staff: Jeff Jones

Over the next little while, we at Savur Outdoors are going to be introducing you to some of our pro staff team members so you can see who is out there representing Savur Outdoors, maybe even in your neck of the woods. We figured what better way than with a fun little interview! In the hot seat today is Mr. Jeff Jones! Jeff is a husband, a father, a musician, a podcast and YouTube host of Brackish Coast Outdoors and most recently, The Brackish Fly! In addition to Savur Outdoors, Jeff also represents Vibe Kayaks, Bending Branches, and Gruv Fishing.

Savur Outdoors: How long have you been fishing?

Jeff Jones: I’m 32, so at least 30 years! Haha

SO: What is your earliest fishing memory?

JJ: A creek ran behind our house when I was a child. I remember my brothers and I fishing in the creek for bluegill.

SO: Who's your fishing hero?

JJ: I went fan girl when I met Bill Dance, but probably my grandfather. That man outfished anyone else alive.

SO: When was the last time you fun-fished, and what did you fish for?

JJ: I only get to fun-fish occasionally, usually I’ve got content assignments when I fish; but I fished a creek in southeastern Alabama for Choctaw Bass and a few different sunfish species.

SO: What's your home body of water?

JJ: Bayou Cumbest in Jackson County MS.

SO: What's your favorite Savur Outdoors product?

JJ: Well most of my Savur gear is split grip retrievers, so let’s go with that but they’re all awesome!

SO: Tell us your lost rod/bow/gear story.

JJ: It’s actually on video! I was trolling for trout in the bayou, when a big drum took my 2nd lure. (Was literally fighting a fish with my other rod. It pulled the rod out of the rod holder and into the water. By the time I released the fish I was fighting, the float was up and I paddled to it. After finally getting the rod in hand, I fought the drum for a few minutes before it broke me off. It would’ve been much cooler if I’d caught the fish though.

SO: What song do you typically listen to on the way to the water?

JJ: Usually something bluegrass or country.

SO: What do you do when you aren't fishing?

JJ: I fill my time with family, church and music, in that order.

SO: Coffee or soda?

JJ: Neither. Just give me water, specifically lime sparkling water.

SO: What's your favorite TV show of all time?

JJ: Andy Griffith show, hands down.

SO: What's food is your guilty pleasure?

JJ: The last slice of pizza in the box.

SO: What is your hidden or surprising talent?

JJ: Well I’ve made a lot of money playing music, so I guess that. I play several instruments, but bass guitar is my jam.

That is Jeff Jones! Be sure to follow his adventures on YouTube, and check out his podcast, The Brackish Fly! Don't forget to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss what's next!


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