Photo:  Cole Coultas

SAVUR OUTDOORS Bowfishing Floats give you the peace of mind that your bow is always safe while you are on the water.  Our float system allows you to recover your bow from the water if it goes in unexpectedly. Weighing about 2 oz., it does not add bulk to your fishing bow, but when your bow goes overboard, simply locate the float and pull up your bow. If your bow seems to be lodged, do not pull until you break the line, you can use the float as a locator.

Mounting options

As you can see from the gallery of photos, there are as many ways to mount a Savur Bow Fishing Float as there are to lose a bow.  Savur Bow Fishing Floats are equipped with the 5/16-24 threads and ready to bolt directly into the reel mount.   If a reel is in the way, you can easily fabricate a small bracket to offset the Savur Bow retriever that best fits your shooting set up. 

Note:  Savur Outdoors does not provide an extension because not all bow fishing set ups require an extension. Everything you will need to fabricate the bracket can be found at your local hardware store.   

Here is what you will need if you need to fabricate a bracket.
  • ½” or 3/8” wide by 1/8” thick piece of flat bar aluminum or tin.  Either size can be purchased from most local hardware stores for approximately $5 for a 3-foot-long piece.

  • A 5/16-24 threaded locking nut (lock washers will not be needed). 

  • A 5/16” drill bit.

  • Tape measure.

  • Cutting tool (hack saw or cutting wheel). 

  • There is no wrong way to make these brackets, just make it work for you.

Gargod Puller/locker

Savur Outdoors is excited to announce a partnership with Gargod Manufacturing!  Their new and improved puller/locker combos come with 5/16" -24 holes for either right or left handed mounted applications to install a Savur Float directly to your puller/locker to help protect your investment.  Click the Gargod Link below and it will take you directly to their product page.