Action Camera Floats

SAVUR OUTDOORS Action Camera Floats are different than standard camera floats.  Standard camera floats are meant to do one thing, float your camera.   When you add booms, battery packs, and other accessories to your camera, they render those floats useless.  Savur Camera Floats allow you to recover your camera quickly and safely.  It does not float your camera; it rescues your camera.   Light, compact, water resistant to rain, and reloadable!!  They are a must have and a valuable addition to your camera equipment.

Mounting options

Savur Camera Floats are a better option than strapping pool noodles or insulation foam to your camera booms, because foam adds bulk and creates unwanted audio. 


To install, you simply remove the small adjustment screw closest to your camera and insert the Savur Outdoors Camera Float in its place.  This will allow you to adjust the camera angle and, most importantly, it ensures that you will save your camera and valuable content.  Savur Camera Floats will fit right into your outdoor lifestyle.   

Savur Camera Floats are in their element when the action cameras are mounted onto:  ski boats, fishing boats, kayaks, canoes and docks.  If there is a chance that the camera will fall into the water on any adventure, Savur Camera Floats should be installed.  Easily pack it along for all your hiking, hunting, or fishing adventures and put those cameras in risky places around water to get the shot and let Savur